Romeo and Juliet from Greece

As one of our common activities, the pupils of the 5th adn 6th grade who participate in the groups of art, theatre and music – dance,  are going to present the Shakespearian play “Romeo and Juliet” on Thursday the 23rd, 2017 at our school’s  Event’s Hall.

Here is the invitation card we have created and sent to our guest.16797421_10154513826935787_3545300032560290446_o

The pupils of the art club have been working on creating the balcony where Romeo will declare his love for Juliet, the costumes for the dance crew, the costumes and assessories for Romeo  and the family members.

“Romeo and Juliet” – the Polish school public performance.

We prepared two versions of the balcony scene of “Romeo and Juliet”. The classical version of the play is based on a book titled „Shakespeare With Children – Six Scripts for Young Players” by Elizabeth Weinstein, published by Smith and Kraus Publishers in 2008. The Polish traslation was made by a student – Julia Kordek – playing Juliet in the modern version. The Facebook Messenger version was created, in both languages, by a student – Maksymilian Chyłak – playing the Montague father in the modern play. The music background was played from YouTube resources:
The decorations were made by the Art Club. The technical setting of the video was done by Kacper Jędrzejczyk.
The Cast:
1. Bors Adrian – Romeo – classical version
2. Bubrowiecka Patrycja, Chorus – classical version
3. Chyłek Maksymilian – Montague father – modern version
4. Kłos Hubert, Kcper Żabicki – technical operators
5. Kordek Julia – Juliet – classical version
6. Kozłowska Julia – Narrator, Chorus, Capulet mother – modern version
7. Ojdowski Wojciech – Romeo – modern version
8. Pszon Wiktoria – Narrator, Chorus – modern version
9. Zyśk Wiktoria – Juliet – modern version
10. Bryszewski Wiktor – photographer
The Art Club:
1. Dawidczyk Zuzanna
2. Górska Łucja
3. Górska Patrycja
4. Jędrzejczyk Kacper
5. Kaczmarczyk Dominika
6. Kaczmarczyk Gabriela
7. Kaczmarczyk Jakub
8. Kaczyński Marcin
9. Mierzejewska Sandra
10. Rolka Szymon
11. Siurnicka Julia
12. Zapert Michał
13. Żarnoch Julia

Work on the epos”Odyssey”

As the activities we have planned for our Erasmus + project continue, the pupils from the Greek school participating in all the clubs have been working hard on preparing for the presentation of the epic play “Odyssey”.  Firstly all the pupils were introduced to the epos of “Odyssey”, talked about the characters of the play, analysed the names of the characters and learned a lot about the customs and ways of appropriate behaving of that era. Then they all decided on the scene they would work on. They chose to present the scene of Odysseus return to Ithaka and his actions in order to regain his kingdom and his wife, Penelope. Afterwords, each club worked on their part and they  all collaborated so as to have everything ready for the final performance.

The pupils participating at the art club have been working on drawing and creating the costumes for the play as well as all the scenery nessessary. All this has been the result of contemplating about the adventures of Odysseus with their teachers and consulting with the pupils of the drama club.


The music – dance club has taken into account the text of the play and has chosen the appropriate music for each scene. They have also added some contemporary music and singing to accompany the acting of the pupils from the drama club.

The pupils participating in the drama club have been introduced to the way the epic play “Odyssey” was writen by Homer, have talked about the meaning of the play and  the characters. Then they have chosen which character they will perform, learned their – truth be said – quite difficult text and have tried to present the sentiments hidden in the story by their acting. At the same time they have collaborated with the pupils from the other two clubs in order to have their costumes and the accompaning music.



All their work will be presented to the parents and pupils of our school, the local authorities and to the representatives of the Primary Education who have been invited to this event.