A Greek presentation about the 1st Transnational Workshop.


I would like to say thank you for the meeting in Schimatari, held between 21st and 28th of November 2016, to the representatives of the four participating schools from, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia and Greece: The visiting teachers: Breda Banovšek, Živa Blatnik, Eliza Herasimiuk, Janoš Boni, Nataša Mesić Muharemi, Andreja Dorić, and all the visiting students: Tanai Movern, Aneja Gorjan Novak, Lan Rolih, Krištof Hruševar, Lucija Baša, Matic Šubelj, Anela Povazanj, Tin Janos, Gustav Kujundzic, Lucija Alilovic, Petra Drgalic, Sara Jankovic, Górska Łucja, Jędrzejczyk Kacper, Samsel Klaudia, Madej Zuzanna, Kudrzycka Julia, Jędrzejczyk Adrian. Thank you for the  wonderful cooperation and fun.

Special thanks to the Greek team: Ευγενία Στρατή-Πινήτα – the headmistress, Maria Theodoridou the school project coordinator, ελενη αλεξακη, Στασινή Νότη, Katerina Lambrou, Xaroula Mavrigopoulou, the other teachers helping with realization of the activities and all the staff people for the fantastic, creative workshops and cooperation.

We are most grateful to Mr Δημήτρης Θεοδώρου for his amazing work with our students, his outstanding skills, methods and wonderful contact with children.

Most of all, I would like to say thank you to the parents and families hosting our students in their homes, for their extraordinary generosity, hospitality, kindness and understanding.

Thank you to the Mayor of Schimatari for his help and hospitality.

Thank you to the Culture Centres of Schimatari for the amazing dances show on the last day of our stay there.

We spent a wonderful time in Greece, in the school, working in the clubs together, sharing experiences and learning from each other. We will incorporate the techniques into our work at our schools.

Every participating student in the workshop: the hosts as well as the foreigners, had a very important role in the final product of this event – the theatre performance “The Birds”. They all had the possibility to do the things they like and develop their skills.

We all had the chance to get to know the organization of the school in Schimatari. We also had the chance to learn about the Greek culture and heritage visiting Tanagra, Acropolis, Thebes and other places.

The students, teachers and parents met new friends, cooperating together in the workshops and having fun in the afternoons.


Thank you!                                                                    The project international coordinator

Anita Dąbrowska


Article about the 1st Transnational Workshop in a local newspaper




The 1rst Transnational Workshop in Greece took place in Schimatari – Viotia  from the 21st to the 28th of November and it was a great experience for all the participants and those who attended the events of the performance “The birds” and the closing ceremony.

Following is the report on this workshop were we all learnt so much and our pupils had the chance to cooperate with each other and learn about new cultures and civilisations.

The link to the report is:

The report in Polish:  raport-z-warsztatow-w-grecji

The evaluation report: report-on-the-evaluation-of-the-first-workshop-in-greece


An article in the newspaper about Croatian students at a workshop in Greece: Baranjci surađuju sa Slovencima, Grcima i Poljacima

Open Day in the Polish school – movie presentation:

Photo gallery of the workshop.

The video of the play – dress rehearsal 

“The birds” , rehearsal videos


The presentation of the Greek school during the workshop in Schimatari:

The  presentation of the Polish school during the workshop in Schimatari

The poster for the 1st transnational workshop in Greece

The  presentation of the Croatian school during the workshop in Schimatari:

This is the link to the local  Croatian newspaper “Glas Slavonije” where is an article about our workshop in Greece:


Participating pupils to the 1st transnational workshop in Greece

Here is the list of the visiting pupils for Poland, Croatia and Slovenia to Greece in order to participate in the first transnational workshop taking place at the 1st Primary School of Schimatari.

The workshop is titled : Drama and ancient Greek theatre with elements of music and art” and its aim is for pupils and teachers of the four participating schools to acquire knowledge of how the ancient Greek theatre was built, get in contact with the Greek drama, music and art relevant to it, get to know the Greek civilisation, our traditions and customs through their involvement to the presentation of Aristophanes’  comedy “The birds”. Pupils are going to work in teams of drama, music – dance , art and develop 21st century skills such as collaboration, decision making, responsibility of their learning, build their confidence and being able to present their final product in front of the local authorities, their teachers and schoolmates.