I would like to say thank you for the meeting in Darda, to the representatives of the four participating schools from: Greece, Slovenia, Poland and Croatia: The visiting teachers: Charisia Mavrigopoulou, Eleni Aleksaki, Stasini Noti, Andreja Žavbi Kren, Tadeja Pezdirc, Joanna Wasik, Aldona Kaczmarczyk and all the visiting students. Thank you for the cooperation and fun.

Special thanks to the Croatian team: Janos Boni – the headmaster, Nataša Mesic Muharemi – the project coordinator from the hosting school, all the amazing teachers: Branka, Nikolina, Ivana, Jasna, Andreja, Sanela, the other teachers helping with realization of the activities and all the staff people.

I would also like to say thank you to the parents and families hosting our students in their homes, for their kindness, understanding, hospitality and an extraordinary generosity.

We spent a wonderful time here, in the school, working in the clubs together, sharing experiences and learning from each other. And we learnt a lot!!

Straw sculpture, is something we have never encountered before and this was a great experience. We will incorporate the techniques into our work at our schools. We’re really impressed with the kindness and patience of Nikola Faller and we are really grateful for his work with us.

The dance workshop, led by Ms Ivana and Ms Andrea, was a fantastic lesson of discipline, consequence and professionalism. And it’s amazing how it is possible to learn so much in so short a time.

Natasa and Branka’s fabulous work in the drama club, led to an impressive, international theatre performance. And the art club, led by Nikolina and Jasna, had a great impact on the visual impression of it.

Every participating student in the workshop: the hosts as well as the foreigners, had a very important role in the final products of this event – the amazing straw sculpture and the theatre performance together with the dance. They all had the possibility to do the things they feel comfortable with and develop their skills.

We all had the chance to get to know the organization of the school in Darda and we like it a lot. We wish we could transfer some of the solutions to our schools’ real lives.

We also had the chance to learn about the Croatian nature, industry and history during the trips.

The students and teachers met new friends, cooperating together in the workshops and having fun in the afternoons.


Thank you!                                                                     The project international coordinator

Anita Dąbrowska

The Open Day in The Polish school after the Croatian workshop



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