The third TPM Schimatari, Greece.

The 3rd Transnational meeting, Schimatari, Greece

The report on the third transnational project meeting  in Greece for the project “Through artistic abilities to developed basic skills” project code : 2016-1-PL01-KA219-026076-4 which was held at 1st Primary School of Schimatari, Viotia, Greece from the 25.09.2017  – 27.09.2017.

The aims of the meeting were:

  • further planning for the second year of the project,
  • taking conclusions of the previous meeting in the planning of the dates of the project events in each school,
  • introducing new or other ideas,
  • specification of the international workshops, discussing the details of activities in the second year of our project,
  • plans for evaluation,
  • further management budget planning,
  • work on the teacher’s guide,
  • discussing the details and activities of the Slovenian and Polish workshops.

The conclusions of the meeting:  

  • We set the dates for each activity we had already planned for the clubs during the second school year so that the school schedule wouldn’t be interrupted by to many activities at a short period of time. The arrangements for the second Reading Night were made.
  • We discussed in detail the activities and timetable of the Slovenian and Polish workshops – learning / teaching / training activities and decided that we would also include folklore dance performance from each school engaging a Folk Adult dance “Terpsichori”  group from Greece for the final event in Poland. We made a list of all the materials which are needed for both the workshops. Employing the instructors for the workshops was also discussed
  • Specific dates for the evaluation and the Croatian TPM were set. The form, the aims, content and way of presentation of the teacher’s guide was discussed. The good practices for the guide were chosen. We learned how to use different online Apps to help us create lesson plans: Learning Designer, Word Templates, etc.
  • An application for e-Twinning national and European Label will be filled in during the 4th TPM in Croatia.
  • Last year’s budget was evaluated and ways of spending the money in accordance to the project’s aims were discussed and compared.
  • The ways of assessment students’ achievements and the ways the governments in each country deal with the problem of course and school subjects books were compared and shared.
  • We took a one day trip to Delphi and the traditional village of Arachova along with the pupils and teachers participating in the project in order to be educated about the Greek culture, tradition and food. We also visited the local Archeological Museum in Schimatari to get to know the Tanagra’s Region heritage.


Visit to Delfi – the centre of the Earth

Shimatari – Archaeological Museum.