Creative writing – A new legend of four countries, a task for participants after the Open Reading Night.

,,The legend of four countries’’

Once upon a time in a town called Arta, on the River Arachtos, Greece, a bridge was under construction. Every time the builders almost finished building the bridge, it suddenly collapsed and each time, they had to start from the beginning.

After some unsuccessful attempts, the impatient and confused builders went to the Countess Veronica, from Kamnik, Slovenia, for help. After some time, the woman shared a secret hidden by the bridge with the citizens. There was a Dragon, from Cracow, Poland who had made a deal with the devil and his subordinate, the Black Queen from Croatia, who had also made a deal with the devil. The Black Queen’s only friend was a raven who protected her from dangers and spied for her. The bird flew to the peasants and announced that it would not be possible to build the bridge unless they offered one of their wives one day.

Countess Veronica, unable to accept the sadness and suffering of the city’s citizens, planned to destroy the Dragon and the Black Queen. She told the inhabitants about her plan not knowing that the whole conversation was heard by the Black Queen’s – raven spy. When the bird told everything to his mistress, she ordered him to pick the Countess’s eyes.

Distraught, the blind Countess Veronica had gone to the local magician to restore her sight. The magician used the black magic and restored her gaze, but in the end she became a serpent. After that, in order to avoid any further sacrificial tragedy, desperate and deeply upset Veronica decides to help the locals the last time by devoting herself to the cause as she could not bear seeing her new body.

The inhabitants together with the Countess Veronica decided that she would be a bait. They threw her into the Dragon and the Black Queen’s hole, and laid it with the concrete foundations. Since then, the Dragon and the Black Queen have failed to get out of the trap and the citizens have enjoyed peace and a happy life among their families ever after.


Gabriela Kaczmarczyk and Zuzanna Dawidczyk

Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach, Poland

Yet another story:

“The new legend”

Many, many years ago, in a big castle, somewhere between Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland, there lived a bad and beautiful Black Queen with her husband. She was a very cruel queen. She killed her subjects for the smallest offence. One day her subjects rebelled against her and they wanted to kill her. So they went for help to a witch. The local witch changed  the Black Queen in haft-women and half-snake while she slept. The Queen became an ugly woman with a tail of a snake similar to the Countess Veronica of Kamnik, but Veronica was beautiful. People captured the Bad Black Queen and led her to the river, where the Bridge of Arta stood. They bricked the Queen into the Bridge, so that there she was to die. The witch then, turned the Queen’s husband into the Green Wawel Dragon and imprisoned him in the cave beneath the castle. The Big Dragon somehow got free of the cave. He went over the river, there , with his body, he broke the bridge and freed his wife. Then they both found the witch. They begged her if only she could change them into people again. In exchange, the queen offered to become a good ruler. The witch agreed. Everything got back to normal and the queen tried to be as good as possible ever after and her husband helped the citizens.


Sandra Mierzejewska, Dominka Kaczmarczyk and Patrycja Gwiazda

Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach, Poland

Another very creative story:

,,The legend of four countries” 2

            Once upon a time, there were two neighbouring kingdoms. The Right Kingdom was under king Krak’s control with a Dragon on his side. Queens of The Left Kingdom were two sisters. One – The Black Queen called Barbara – could turn into a black snake whenever she wanted to. The second one – called Veronika – was half-woman and half-snake staying like this forever. Both kingdoms were in war. Between them there was a great bridge that was ruined for a long, long time. It helped to go across the Wisla River. The river was very long, deep and wide and everyone who tried to swim across it suddenly drawn. No one wanted to re-build the bridge till the Tatars invaded Europe.

So that was the main cause of both kingdoms’ union. They started communicating by a real human voice – talking swallow. Both sides decided to re-build the bridge together. But there was one problem. Every night the bridge was falling down on its own and no-one knew how and why it happened. One day, there appeared a human voice-talking horse with wings – Pegasus –  and informed both kingdoms that in order the bridge to remain standing, they had to sacrifice one person from each kingdom’s ruling family. The Left Kingdom decided to sacrifice both sisters’ brother – Friderik – and The Right one decided to sacrifice the king’s daughter – Wanda.

Both ”sacrifices” had to be  bricked up in the foundations of the construction. When the bridge finally was risen, both castles decided to join  the two kingdoms together into a one huge kingdom, called – The Big Kingdom. One day, the Tatars came under The Big Kingdom’s gate and wanted to take it over. Then a great battle started. At first, The Big Kingdom released the Dragon with the bravest knight of the entire kingdom – Dratewka – on its back.  Then The Big Kingdom’s army killed the whole enemy army without losing even one soldier. That was their victory, and the victory was the seal of both kingdoms’ alliance. Moreover, to commemorate the won battle in the  future, three brothers – priests – decided to build one big church on the courtyard, which was situated in front of new headquarters of The Big Kingdom – Wawel Hill. The Kingdom was ruled by the two snake sisters: Black Queen Barbara and Countess Veronica, and king Krak, Since then, everyone there lived happily ever after.


Kacper Jędrzejczyk, Szymon Rolka and Marcin Kaczyński

Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach, Poland

Some more stories:

“A new legend” 2

Many, many years ago there were two friends: Countess Veronika and  the Black Queen Barbara. Both were in love with the Dratewka – the shoemaker, but he loved only one of them – Countess Veronika.

At the same time, the Head Builder of the town of Arta tried to build a bridge on the river, however to complete the construction, he had to push someone out of the bridge. The Black Queen wanted to get rid of Veronika, because she was jealous, so she agreed with  the Head Builder that he would push her off the bridge. Wanting the plan to come through, she said to the Dratewka, that he had to kill the dragon to protect Veronika. He immediately left the city. At the same time the Black Queen took Veronika for a walk. When they were on the bridge, the Black Queen pushed her friend off the bridge. The Countess Veronika died. When Dratewka came back he collapsed. He heard from a bird that the Black Queen killed Veronika. Furious Dratewka asked the devil to turn her into a snake. The Black Queen became a snake and  Dratewka was elected king.


Julia Żarnoch, Julia Siurnicka and Jakub Kaczmarczyk

Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach, Poland

In a city in Greece there was a bridge with a deep history where two friends went to stroll: A Dragon and the Black Queen. They were detained on the bridge by a raven, and learnt that in the church of Kamnik there will be a rescue of the Countess Veronika. Shocked, they got off the ground, wanted to help. But the Dragon was famished and started looking for a sheep. When he spotted one, he attacked. While eating the sheep the Dragon felt something wrong. The raven deceived him, in the sheep there was a bomb and the Dragon exploded. The Black Queen broke down and went on the road. In the place, it occurred that the raven was as shrewd as a fox. He brought her here to kill her, because she was different. The raven killed the Black Queen before entering the church and no-one saved  the Countess Veronika.


Wiktoria Zyśk, Dominika Pieńkosz, Karolina Mierzejek, Julia Kordek

Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach, Poland


Once upon a time in the Bridge of Arta there lived an evil Dragon from Cracow  together with the Black Queen.

The Black Queen kidnaped young girls and boys, because she wanted some blood of young kids to take a bath in. She kidnapped kids in Kamnik in a church. In the same time the evil Dragon was eating some sheep. Someone saw the dragon and the Black Queen and told about that to the King. The king was very surprised when he heard about that. He announced, that the Dragon and the Black Queen should be killed. The one guy called Dratewka  volunteered to kill them. He drove  his muscle car with a powerful engine. While he was crossing the bridge, he destroyed it. Then the Dragon and the Black Queen abandoned the destroyed bridge and started attacking Dratewka. The Dragon started shooting laser form his eyes at Dratewka, but he hit the car mirror instead, and the laser reflected into the Black Queen. And when she was hit by the laser, she died. The Dragon clutched the muscle car, and started eating it. Then Dratewka quickly left the muscle car, which exploded immediately after his leaving. The monsters from the bridge were killed, then last monster left the bridge.

Dratewka was scared, because he didn`t have any weapons left, but that monster was friendly. It was Countess Veronica, a snake women. She was a prisoner in the bridge. When it was destroyed and her captors dead, she was very grateful to Dratewka for freeing her. She immediately fell in love with Dratewka. They got married and lived long and happily ever after.


Wojciech Ojdowski ,Adrian Bors, Oliwier Kuźmicz

Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach, Poland


A legend of four countries

In the ancient times, in a dark valley there was a kingdom wherein the Black Queen called Veronica ruled. At the beginning she was a righteous and caring, about her subjects, ruler. After some time she was changed into a half woman and  half snake for unknown reasons. Since then everything changed. There was a big wall created around the kingdom, which was situated on the banks of Wisła River. Behind the walls she was imprisoned all of her subjects. The inhabitants tried to build a bridge on the river again and again because they wanted to get out. But every time, when they  finished the construction of the bridge a Dragon destroyed it. He was a pet of the Queen and a at the same time he was the queen’s weapon. Many daredevils tried to kill the dragon, but everyone fell. After many years a man called Dratewka was found, who deceived the dragon. He tossed him a sheep filled with deadly poison and the Dragon died. The Black Queen was caught and punished. The inhabitants of the already free kingdom bricked up the Black Queen veronica in the new bridge. Since then all was well.


Łucja Górska and Patrycja Górska

Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach, Poland

One more story:

Many, many years ago there lived a robot… Ups sorry it’s not that story.

Many, many years ago there lived the Black Queen. She was bad because she was the ugliest person in the world.

She had a clever raven, who told her – that Countess Veronica is the most beautiful woman in the world.

The Queen decided to steal Veronica’s beauty:

– Where is she? –  the Black Queen asked.

– She is locked in a castle which is watched by a terrible dragon.- the raven answered.

The Black Queen sent her most noble knight Dratewka to take Veronica from the castle. Dratewka killed the dragon and took Veronica. When he saw he, her fell in love with her.

He had to give her to the Queen because she would kill him. So Dratewka gave Veronica to the Queen and she took Veronica’s beauty.

Veronica was so ugly that the queen couldn’t look at her, so she decided to throw her out of the bridge.

When the Queen stood on the bridge with Veronica, Dratewka quietly wounded the queen and freed Veronica.

The Queen understood that she had done wrong, She changed herself into a snake and left.

Veronica regained her good looks and became Dratewka’s wife. They lived long and peaceful.

The END!


Julia Kozłowska, Patrycja Bubrowiecka, Aleksandra Prusik, Maja Ceberek, Hubert Kłos

Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach, Poland