Lesson plans in Greek

An ebook with lesson plans from all the activities we participated on was created for other Greek teachers to be inspired and be helped in their efford to develop their pupils basic skills through art.




Music of the world

On Wednesday the 13th of June, pupils from the dance, theatre and art clubs presented traditional dances from the countries participating in the project, which they were taught by the teacher Mrs Alexaki Eleni with the help of the pupils who had participated at the international workshops.

It was a great opportunity for the whole school community to take part in this dance and music event and for the children to get in touch with the culture of Poland, Slovenia and Croatia.

A video of all the activities that we participated in during these two wonderful years was presented to the guests, parents, school staff.

At the same event, the final certificates for the participating pupils and teachers to this amazing Erasmus + program were given and everybody was immensely happy with what we have accomplished and hoped that such initiatives will continue to take place in our school.




Presentation of the program to teachers of the district.

In September 2017, the pedagogical team and the coordinator of the program for our school, the 1st primary school of Schimatari, participated in a conference held by the Teacher’s counsellor of our district aiming in presenting innovative eTwinning or Erasmus+  programs which the schools of our district run.

This was a great opportunity for disseminating the program to all the teachers – around 150 people- and to awaken their interest in participating themselves in similar programs. At first we talked about the whole procedure from the very first step: finding the partners, writing the e-form, the economic benefits for the school, all the administrative detail, the importance of a constructive communication with all the other partners and then we presented all the activities we had done during the first year of the project both in our school, the planning, the teaching methods used as well as the international workshops, stressing out the benefits for our pupils, teachers and the local society.

Our intention is to continue participating in such events so that our efforts and good practises to be known to even more teachers of the district and to motivate them to be involved in such innovative educational procedures which will open up new professional roads for them but mainly involve their pupils and community members to new and exciting experiences through which they will enrich their knowledge.






Open day on the Polish workshop

The Open Day for the 4th Transnational Workshop in Rozogi, Poland, was held on Friday 25/5/2018 as part of the Erasmus + “Through artistic abilities to develop basic skills” program at the 1st Primary School of Schimatari.
At the event students Gazis Angelos, Zacharouli Rafaela-Maria, Pinita Sofia, Gegas Angelos, Tserkezi Christina, Datsi Jessilda, Singh Harmandip, Alexaki Maria – Anna, Dede Anastasia and Vourliotis Paraskeui- Danae and the accompanying teachers Strati Eugenia, Alexaki Eleni and Noti Stasini presented the actions in which they participated in the 4th Transnational Laboratory in Rozogi, Poland, as well as their experiences, their feelings and the benefits they have gained from this transnational action.

Following is th presentation they created and presented to their schoolmates, teachers, parents and other guests.


Also some photos from the event…

The Red Riding Hood final performance


The Erasmus + “Through Artistic Abilities to Develop Basic Skills” program was successfully completed on Friday 25/5/2018 in the 1st Elementary School with the presentation of the classic fairytale ‘Red Riding Hood”
The students of the 5th and 6th grade of the 1st Primary School of Schimatari presented the theatrical performance “Red riding hood” based on the homonymous classical tale, completing with this action the participation of the school in the two-year European Erasmus + program implemented in cooperation with Croatian schools, Poland and Slovenia.
The play was prepared by the students through art, music and theatre clubs.
The art club edited the scenery, which the students had the original idea of ​​not being stable but animated by themselves.
At the club of dance- music, the children learned to sing in English the songs of the theatrical performance as well as dubbed in Greek some of their lyrics. They also created their own songs adding lyrics to the melody.
At the theatre club, the students translated the fairy tale into English, dramatized and distributed roles.
In the end, all the clubs teamed up composing their works and presented the fairy tale to a beautiful event in the school community and in the local community, opening the doors of the school on Friday 25/5/2018.
In addition to teachers of the Pedagogical Team, the teacher of Music, Stavropoulou Sofia and the English Language, Soulioti Danae helped.
The exceptional performances of all the children, the special scenery, the colourful costumes and the wonderful music lined up an amazing performance of the fairytale and a beautiful performance with the children of the children themselves, who laid eyes on the young and the great viewers who came to see it!





Preparing for the “Red riding hood” performance at the 1st Primary school of Schimatari

The pupils of the 5th and 6gh grade are preparing for the presentation of the tale of “Red riding hood” . After talking about the meaning of the tale as well as the messages it brings forward, each club started working on their part. Once the pupils decided on what they would need from the art club, the pupils of that club started working on the costumes and scenery.


At the same time, pupils from the dance-music  club are practising on  writting the lyrics for a song about the tale of Red riding hood and sing an English song which is going to be part of the final performance.


2nd reading night

On April 25th we had the 2nd transnational reading night where pupils from all four schools participated in activities with a common theme… myths from our region. In the first part of the event, all pupils worked on a myth of their choice and created drawings or used other online applications to produce a comic for their myth. On the second part of the reading night, we all “met” on a live eTwinning event and presented our myths and drawings or pictures. All the myths which were presented were then used in order to produce an e-book. Following are some pictures from the event.


This year’s meeting was attended by 15 students, 2 teachers and 1 parent from Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego in Rozogi, Poland; 33 students, 6 teachers, 10 parents from the 1st Primary School of Schimatari, in Greece; 12 pupils, 4 teachers in Osnovna šola Toma Brejca, Kamnik, in Slovenia and 27 pupils and 4 teachers in Osnovna škola Darda, Croatia.




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