Good Practice – publication

Our next good practice has been published by the Warmia and Masuria Education Office on their website: “Powrót do korzeni – widowisko „W kurpiowskiej izbie”” –


Little Red Riding Hood – the performance at Gimnazjum im. ks. Jana Twardowskiego w Rozogach.

On 15.02.2018 at our school we had a performance day of the play by Brothers Grimm. The students played their roles in German. Thank you to all the role-players and Ms Agnieszka Olender, who overlooked all the preparations.

“Little Red Riding Hood” Posters in Polish and German made by Kacper Jędrzejczyk


Regional, Kurpian Art

On 19th January 2018 we organized a students’ regional art exhibition at the school Department of our Gimnazjum, in Dąbrowy.


Good Practices of our project published on the Regional Education Office’s website.

Our Erasmus+ project’s good practices were published by the Warmia and Mazuria District Education Office on their webpage:

Our practices are numbers: 2, 7, 11 and 27 on the list.


In the Kurpian Chaber by Jan Kania

On 22nd December 2017, we had our presentation of the play by our regional artist Mr Jan Kania, who took part in the performance as the musician. The performance is one of the many activities we have in our Erasmus+ project. Thank you to all the role-players as well as to the leading teachers.


We finally have our article from the Slovenian workshop published in a local newspaper “Tygodnik Szczytno” and “Nasz Mazur”,Uczniowie-z-Rozog-odkrywali-uroki-Slowenii.html


The Open Day after the Slovenian workshop in the Polish school.

We had our Open Day after the Slovenian workshop on 16 November 2017. It was a great day. Thank you my dear students: Kornelia, Martyna, Natalia, Wioletta, Karolina, Juliusz, Wojtek, Albert and Jakub, and thank you to my fellow teachers: Ms Agnieszka, Ms Małgorzata and Ms Barbara. 


“Local art in the open air, folk dance and Maths Drama workshops” – 9.10.2017 – 14.10.2017 at Osnovna šola Toma Brejca Kamnik, Slovenia

The aims of the workshop:

Maths is such a drama, but could it be fun as well? Maths-themed improvisational theatre, making a maths-based “activity” –  game; searching for mathematical goals in a play and acting them out.

– to learn the songs in Slovenian and English, and steps of Slovenian folk dancing, follow simple choreography, and develop hand and leg movement coordination;

– to develop orientation in a limited space and a sense of contentment at mastering body expression through movement;

– to present all the work done during the workshop publicly;

– to motivate students of different origins and facing educational, economic and social impediments, to learn national and foreign languages;

– to promote sharing of school experiences in methods, innovations and good practices in order to improve students’ basic skills on Teachers’s International Conference;

– to develop students and teachers’ language and communicative skills as well as maths and ICT competences;

– to develop and promote students’ creativity and responsibility through their commitment in the whole process of planning, organizing and presenting their achievements during the workshop;

– to explore Slovenian regional culture and traditions cultivated in the area;

– to visit Velika Planina – culture and heritage area of the region of Kamnik and the Capital City – Ljubljana:

– to taste the traditional Slovenian dishes..

The activities:
The first day – 09. 10. 2017. (Monday)
-Welcoming of the foreign pupils to our school,
– Meeting with the Major in the school and walk around Kamnik (Old Town with the Maligrad Castle),

– Foreign students participation in some of the lessons.

– Team building games together with Slovenian students and teachers.
– Division of the participating students in drama, art and music – dance clubs. Starting the workshops in clubs.

The second day – 10.10.2017 (Tuesday)
– Educational trip: visit to the Ljubljana castle and school museum – participating in a nineteenth century lesson.
– Work in the clubs: practising the songs, making the props for the play practising the acting in the play, inventing commercials.
– The presentation of the Croatian students and teachers of  their school, town and country.
The third day – 11.10.2017 (Wednesday)
– Going on a trip to Velika Planina, visit to shepherds’ cottages,

– Work in the clubs: practising the songs and dance, making props for the play practising the acting in the play,
– The presentation of the Polish students and  teachers of  their school, town and country.

The fourth day – 12.10.2017 (Thursday)
– Pottery workshop with a local artist,

– T-shirts’ printing, with the art teacher,
– Work in the clubs: practising the songs and dance, making props for the play practising the acting in the play, rehearsal,

– The presentation of the Greek pupils and teachers of their school, town and country.

– The exhibition of  the international art competition “My own town” – prizing the winners,

The fifth day – 13.10.2017 (Friday)
–  treasure hunt around Kamnik,

– Teachers’ international conference – sharing good practices “Pupil Competences”

– Work in the clubs: practising the songs and dance, making props for the play practising the acting in the play, rehearsal,

– visit to Katzenberga, tasting traditional food from the area.
The sixth day – 14.10.2017 (Saturday)
– Preparing for the performance, dress rehearsal
– The presentation of the play “ Escape school ” to the parents, members of the community. Involving the families in the activities employing maths skills in order to find a solution to a given task.
– Lunch in the school’s dining room, talking with parents, teachers and guests, homemade food prepared by the school cook in the canteen.
The achievements of the workshop in accordance to the project aims:
73 students and 31 teachers participated in the workshop and benefited from it: 10 students, 4 teachers from the Polish school; 8 students, 3 teachers from the Croatian school; 8 students, 3 teachers from the Greek school, 10 students, 3 teachers from the 2 neighbouring special needs schools and 37 students and 21 teachers from the hosting school in Kamnik, Slovenia.

27 teachers from different schools (18 – Slovenian, 4 – Greek, 2 – Polish, 3 – Croatian) took part and contributed to the International Conference on Pupil Competences, for which a special webpage has been created:
– All estimated activities were realized as planned in the schedule of the workshop.
– All assumptions and goals were met during the work in clubs.
– 10 teachers from abroad and 21 teachers from the hosting school, with the leadership of the  cultural animator, cooperated together to achieve the final products:

– 26 students from abroad and 47 students from Kamnik worked together in clubs and between clubs on their final products and by this they developed their cooperative and communicative skills.

– All schools took part in the International Art Competition “My home, My Town”. The works were exhibited during the workshop.
– All participating teachers and students developed and broaden their language skills in English and also learnt a few words and sentences in the other schools’ languages, using the five language dictionary.
– All students (including those with different impediments and guest students with disabilities) were motivated to learn from each other as well as foreign and national languages.
– Students and teachers explored Slovenian culture and learnt about the history of the area of Kamnik, visiting: the most important places in Kamnik, the Old Town with the Maligrad Castle and the castle and museum in Ljubljana, the school museum, where they took part in a 19th century lesson.
– The students improved their communicative skills by chatting with each other and they made friends with peers from four different countries.
– They prepared and performed publically the “ Escape school ” play . Working in 3 groups (drama, music and art).
– The participants developed their maths and organizational skills by taking part in the improvisation Maths play.

– All participating students evolved their basic skills by partaking in all planned activities: in drama club – reading and learning the roles, creating commercials and in the other clubs – listening, singing and reading the instructions and fulfilling their tasks.
– Students and teachers improved and promoted their creativity, co operational skills and responsibility participating in the workshops in art, dance and drama clubs.

– The representatives of the participating schools shared the customs of their countries with the others.
– Teachers shared their experiences, good practices, innovations by cooperating together in the clubs and helping each other to prepare the final products and by partaking in the Teachers’ International conference on Pupil Competences.

– The participants developed their ICT skills by preparing their school Movie Maker and PowerPoint presentations as well as sharing their work and pictures using Google Docs and Photos.
– The parents of the hosting school were deeply engaged in the workshop activities, even the presentation day, as they took part in the “Escape school” drama, also by preparing meals for their guests and baking cakes, so that the foreign participants tasted the local cuisine and by showing the guests their customs and traditions.

– The local authorities met with the participants from abroad at the school and participated in the main event of it.

– The local Tourist Information Centre helped with the tours and gave ideas of the most interesting sights to see. They also prepared and gave the souvenirs for the guests.
– The hosting school teachers and staff were very helpful, the kitchen staff cooked lunches and prepared second breakfast and snacks for the guests.
– A very good cooperation between the teachers of the hosting school, together with the guests, proved itself by the wonderful final products.

– All the aims have been achieved.
-The workshop’s organization was flawless.
-The students were excited with the hospitality of the families.
– Both students and teachers admired Slovenian people’s reception, treatment and hospitality.

– Students not directly involved in the transnational workshop had the possibility to be involved in it by partaking in the art competition.
-This workshop was an incredible experience for the students and the teachers.
– Each participating school presented itself and their country by showing a Movie Maker and  PowerPoint presentation, so the other participants got some knowledge of the others’ cultures, customs, cuisine, dances, schools, towns and regions.
– A bond has been created between teachers and students participating in the workshop in their own school groups as well as between the schools.
– A bond was also created by the hosting families with the students from the participating schools, and between the teachers, which was seen at the end of the workshop, when almost all cried saying their goodbyes. We will all stay in touch using the social media apps.
– All participants have an equal impact on the final products: The play “Escape school” together with the songs, and the pottery works and printed T-shirts and.
– We had the chance to compare our nations and environments by visiting: Velika Planina, Kamnik and Ljubljana.
– The engagement, professionalism and co-operational skills of the teachers and staff of Slovenian school were really impressive. A good lesson for the teachers from abroad.
– There were a lot of things in the workshop that we would like to incorporate into our schools’ everyday work.

– We all had the chance to get to know the organization and equipment of the school in Kamnik and we like it a lot. We wish we could transfer some of the solutions to our schools’ real lives.
– The workshop in Kamnik has proven again that school can be an attractive place for the students and teachers to learn and play together.


Kamnik 09.10.2017 – an article on the Kamnik Munucipality Office’s webpage about the international workshop

Today, on Monday, October 9, 2017, Deputy Mayor Matej Slapar welcomed participants of the international project “Through artistic abilities to developed basic skills” at the Elementary School of Tom Brejc, in which, in addition to Tom Brejc Elementary School from Kamnik there were also participants from partner schools from Croatia, Poland and Greece.


This week Toma Brejc Elementary School will host 26 pupils from partner countries who will be settled in the families of our students. The focus of the theme of Slovenian workshops will be local outdoor art, folk dance and mathematics in drama. Pupils will take pictures on separate plates, learn Slovene folk dance and songs, and prepare an adventure drama with elements of improvisation. The performance of the group work will take place on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at 11 am on the premises of the Elementary School of Tom Brejc. In addition to the art program, many other activities are waiting for them – Kamnik will be shown the the guests,  The will take a look at Ljubljana, climb to Velika planina, the hosts will try to make the guests feel comfortable in Kamnik.


The project’s aims are: to develop the basic skills of students through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary methods, which will include the students’ artistic abilities and their natural need for knowledge, interaction and entertainment. The students will also explore the influence of international cultures on the learning process and the traditions that have developed in our environment. Through international art workshops and public events, they want to promote local, regional and national culture and heritage.