“Romeo and Juliet” – the Polish school public performance.

We prepared two versions of the balcony scene of “Romeo and Juliet”. The classical version of the play is based on a book titled „Shakespeare With Children – Six Scripts for Young Players” by Elizabeth Weinstein, published by Smith and Kraus Publishers in 2008. The Polish traslation was made by a student – Julia Kordek – playing Juliet in the modern version. The Facebook Messenger version was created, in both languages, by a student – Maksymilian Chyłak – playing the Montague father in the modern play. The music background was played from YouTube resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6QnThPGqIQ.
The decorations were made by the Art Club. The technical setting of the video was done by Kacper Jędrzejczyk.
The Cast:
1. Bors Adrian – Romeo – classical version
2. Bubrowiecka Patrycja, Chorus – classical version
3. Chyłek Maksymilian – Montague father – modern version
4. Kłos Hubert, Kcper Żabicki – technical operators
5. Kordek Julia – Juliet – classical version
6. Kozłowska Julia – Narrator, Chorus, Capulet mother – modern version
7. Ojdowski Wojciech – Romeo – modern version
8. Pszon Wiktoria – Narrator, Chorus – modern version
9. Zyśk Wiktoria – Juliet – modern version
10. Bryszewski Wiktor – photographer
The Art Club:
1. Dawidczyk Zuzanna
2. Górska Łucja
3. Górska Patrycja
4. Jędrzejczyk Kacper
5. Kaczmarczyk Dominika
6. Kaczmarczyk Gabriela
7. Kaczmarczyk Jakub
8. Kaczyński Marcin
9. Mierzejewska Sandra
10. Rolka Szymon
11. Siurnicka Julia
12. Zapert Michał
13. Żarnoch Julia


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